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You have the power, to help a person in your community, to assist someone in need today.  Your donation will help us connect immigrants and refugees to needed services, assist the disabled and under-served, and educate service providers. Every dollar you donate enhances the quality of life for the clients we serve:

Our Programs:

      • Senior Center Fund – Funding the continued work of our International Senior Center. $3/day provides a low-income immigrant/refugee senior with a nutritious, culturally appropriate warm meal cooked on-site at our Senior Center. Your donation of $100.00 will assure meals and door-to-door shuttle transportation to a group of 15 Limited English Proficient seniors.
      • Immigration and Naturalization Assistance Expansion – This fund will provide services beyond the 250 permanent resident immigrant and refugee seniors currently served to include spouses/family members who may not qualify for project designated services. $150 assures complete legal assistance in application for naturalization; $250 allows for 10 educational sessions, and $700 covers USCIS application fees for applicants who do not qualify for a Fee Waiver but face significant financial burdens.
      • Interpretation/Translation – Give Limited English Proficient clients a voice in their care; provide a professional interpreter for medical appointments, legal or benefits assistance, or any other situation where a provider is unwilling/unable to provide interpretation assistance.  $50 will guarantee a client minimally one hour of professional interpretation and provide equal access to benefits and self-determination.
      • Robert Trampier Fund  – Alleviate the burden of non-covered client medical supplies and health-related needs. Low-income clients may qualify once per year, for no more than $100 in fund assistance.  Fund is housed in a separate checking account and is entirely donation based.

There are Several Ways to Donate:

      • On-Line: Donate on-line using PayPal by clicking the “Donate Now” button on the right.  Upon receipt of funds, a printed receipt will be sent for you for your tax records.
      • Mail: Send your donation to: Monarch Immigrant Services, 4030 Chouteau Ave., Suite 700, St. Louis, MO 63110.  Upon receipt of funds, a printed receipt will be sent to you for your tax records.
      • Robert Trampier Fund: This fund provides limited financial assistance to seniors in crisis through services like utility relief. It is in place to improve the lives and meet the immediate needs of the elderly in our community.

On behalf of the entire Monarch Immigrant Services staff, our sincere appreciation and gratitude goes out to all of those that support our efforts to help the under-served.