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Language Services

We Provide Services to Meet Your Needs

Our services offer trusted interpretation and translation solutions in over 50 languages for immigrants and refugees. We provide both telephonic and in-person verbal interpretation, along with certified written translations and audiovisual transcription services, catering to a wide range of linguistic needs.

Professional interpretation services in over 50 languages

Telephonic and in-person verbal interpretation

Translation services including certified document translations

Audiovisual transcription services as part of translation offering

Language Services

We are a well-established and highly trusted provider of interpretation and translation services, catering specifically to the needs of immigrants and refugees in the area. Our extensive network consists of contracted professional interpreters, proficient in over 50 of the most commonly used languages, ensuring a broad range of linguistic capabilities.

Services include:

  • Verbal interpretation services
  • Written translation services

Our verbal interpretation services include both, video and in-person onsite options, catering to the immediate or personalized needs of our clients. Our skilled interpreters excel in various settings, ensuring clear and accurate communication to overcome language barriers.

Our written translation services are comprehensive, offering certified translations for legal, medical, and official documents where accuracy is crucial. We also provide audiovisual transcription services, translating audio and video content for broader accessibility, ideal for educational, legal, and media purposes.

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