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Case Management and Care Coordination

Food stamp application? Recertification? MoHealthNet benefits?  How does a senior navigate this intricate system of care? Imagine trying to comprehend the many different varieties of Medicare in something other than your native language.  The severe anxiety, fear, and confusion that often accompany financial challenges and benefits issues can often be mitigated by meeting social needs.  Care Coordination and Case Management services are available through the generous support of the Saint Louis Area Agency on Aging in the city and the Daughters of Charity Foundation in Saint Louis County.  These services include a face-to-face meeting for a comprehensive needs assessment and service plan, one-on-one education, information and referral, and step-by-step assistance with the following:

  • Money management
  • Housing / Relocation
  • Financial assistance
  • Finding a doctor
  • Locating needed services
  • Mental health assessment
  • Memory assessment
  • Arranging transportation

… and much more.