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Celebrating 22 Years

Immigrant Services
in St. Louis

Social Services

Professional multilingual case workers navigate resources for communities with service barriers 

Legal Services

Staff attorneys and DOJ Reps provide immigration legal services and represent clients at USCIS

Mental Health

Youth, adult, and senior mental health programming from a MO Department of Mental Health certified provider

SPOTLIGHT: Translation Services

Unlock a world of seamless communication and understanding with our expert Document Translation Services. Whether you need vital documents like birth certificates, legal contracts, or academic transcripts translated, or you seek professional translations for business documents and more, we’ve got you covered. Our team of fluent translators ensures accuracy, grammar perfection, and unwavering confidentiality.

Don't let language barriers stand in your way.

Connect with our dedicated bilingual translation experts today.

About Monarch Immigrant Services

Who We Are

A 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, established in 2002 by stateless refugee women, our mission is to ensure equal access to healthcare, mental health, and social services for all, regardless of their background or language. Our services are rooted in integrity, responsiveness, collaboration, inclusiveness, and  joy. We’re dedicated to making St. Louis a compassionate, diverse, and strong community where everyone can thrive. Join us in our mission for equality and access today.