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Document Translation Services

Monarch Immigrant Services offers simple and convenient, USCIS certified, translation services for all of your translation needs. Our process ensures your documents are translated quickly and efficiently by professionals.


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Birth Certificate
Drivers License
Tax Records
Divorce Decree
Criminal Records
Background Checks
Medical Records
Financial Statements

ID Cards
Legal Contracts
College Applications
Academic Transcripts
Bank Statements
Marriage Certificates
Death Certificates
Vaccination Records
Mortgage Applications
Adoption Records

Frequently Asked Questions

Professional and certified document translation services. Monarch Immigrant Services offers USCIS certified translation services for all your translation needs. Our team of experienced professionals ensures quick and efficient translations of your documents.

1. How does the translation process work?

Language Services team reviews the file, which can be securely sent through email or brought to our office and we will make a copy. We need the client to tell us the target language for translation and their preferred turnaround time. We then provide a quote and the translator’s fastest turnaround time frame. If the client wants to proceed, we process payment and proceed. If the client is enrolled in our services, the document should come from their case manager. 

2. What qualifies as a certified translation?

A certified translation is accompanied by a signed statement attesting that the translation is accurate, and the translator is fluent in both the source and target language. There will be a certificate of accuracy on the bottom of the translated document, and it will be notarized.

3. How long does the translation take and what is the average cost?

Cost and time frame vary based on the length and complexity of the document. Standard 1-page translations are between $45 to $50 flat rate, which includes notarization. Any document longer than 1 page will be quoted at a per word rate, which can range between $0.20 to $0.25 / word, depending on the language. 

4. What documents and languages do you translate?

Our translation team provides legal document translation (birth certificates, marriage certificates, passports, statements) and translations for companies needing websites in multiple languages, brochures, PowerPoints, etc. 

Our most frequently requested languages to be translated – Spanish, French, Arabic, Albanian, Bosnian, Kinyarwanda, Swahili, Vietnamese, Chinese, Russian, Nepali, Ukrainian, Somali, Dari and Pashto. We have many additional languages / translators available beyond this list of languages. 

5. Who will be translating the documents?

Professional translators who undergo language assessment and have proven fluency and experience. We do not use AI for any translation and also provide proofreading for each translation.

6. Are the physical copies sent via snail mail (ups/usps/fedex)?

We can mail translated documents to the client within the U.S. at no charge for standard ground mail. Additional charges may apply if the client wants the translation expedited. All translations will be emailed promptly upon completion.

7. Do you offer notary services for documents?

Yes, we offer notary services. It is best to call ahead of time and to also bring an ID.  

8. How do you ensure USCIS acceptance?

Our certificate of accuracy, an affidavit and notarization will ensure USCIS accepts the translated document. We have the client’s DOJ representative or attorney review all documents prior to notarizing.