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Volunteer Opportunities

Our volunteers donate something far more valuable than money—their time and dedication to the community they serve.

Board Membership:

Monarch Immigrant Services is expanding its board of directors.  The Directors are responsible for ensuring that the organization follows our mission and observes legal and ethical standards.  A potential board member will possess strong integrity and sound business practices knowledge that will enhance the public image of Monarch Immigrant Services and work to further its cause.  The most important role of the board of directors of a nonprofit organization consists of supporting the agency mission by raising funds to accomplish the mission. They are expected to contribute to and support the mission — by giving their Time, Treasure, or Talent. Fundraising events and donations comprise the majority of income for nonprofit organizations. Members of the board use their business and social connections to build interest in the organization and its efforts. They then may garner donations from these supporters, solicit sponsorships and recruit new members. In addition, board members are expected to raise awareness of their cause through various marketing channels as well as increasing event registrations. Monarch Immigrant Services’ Board of Directors has 100% financial participation. Interested parties should fill out the contact form to the right.

*Board Director’s and Officer’s insurance is purchased and provided by the Organization.

Citizenship Tutor: Our tutoring program requires 60- 90 minutes each week for lesson prep and student instruction. The expected commitment involves a minimum of four months. Tutors teach American History and Civics as well as basic English to adult refugees and immigrants, as preparation for their citizenship interview. Tutoring sessions are one-on-one, typically in the student’s home or a nearby community location. No foreign language knowledge is required, although Swahili, Bosnian, and Asian language speakers are often needed. Monarch Immigrant Services provides training and ongoing mentoring for volunteers, and study material for students. We are proud of the reputation we have earned and of our success stories of seeing our clients reach their dream of becoming U.S. citizens. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at (314) 645-7800 or fill out the contact form to the right for additional information. Volunteer today! We would love to welcome you to our team!

Senior Center Volunteer: Senior Center volunteers may assist with a range of activities, such as instructing/leading wellness programs, Basic ESL, physical activities (e.g., tai chi, chair yoga, etc.), art/craft projects; and music programs. Volunteers also may accompany groups on field trips, assist with holiday celebrations, help serve lunch, or other tasks as advised by the Senior Center Director and/or group leader. Individuals may opt to volunteer weekly, occasionally, or on call to help meet program needs. Long-term commitment to our agency is optional. Volunteers will be informed of the anticipated length of time they are needed and discuss their availability with appropriate staff.

Administrative Assistance Volunteer: Volunteers may assist with a range of tasks, including computer work, reception desk, responding to phone calls, filing, etc. There is flexibility for office volunteers, depending upon specific staff needs. Commitments vary from 2-4 hours, once or twice a week, or even biweekly. Short- or long-term commitment also will vary with specific activities.

Special Events Volunteer: Special events encompass a range of activities, such as outreach events, fundraisers, holiday projects, and client services. Annual special events include November Trivia Night, December Season of Giving for homebound seniors, and May senior center picnic. Since events are sporadic or annual, a long-term commitment to our agency is not required. Volunteers will be informed of the anticipated length of time per activity.

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